I am certain that there are multiple destinations that I would like to visit someday. Let me clarify, I’d like to visit places in the US and in the UK that bear my surname “Moseley.” Moseley originated in England. It’s meaning is mouse in a poorly irrigated field. The original Moseleys were serfs, but one woman in particular was staff at the palace so she had an illegitimate son with someone famous…

Ever heard of Richard the Lionharted???

Yeah, not that guy. Remember his brother, evil Prince John? He then became crazy King John, who would pen the Magna Carta. Yeah, that guy…don’t hold that against me.

Well, the son, grew to eventually become Lord Mayor of London. He couldn’t assume the crown, because he was a bastard (not my opinion, LOL), so the King gave the illegitimate children titles and they became nobility. Eventually the Moseleys came to the US, settling in Virginia.

So, my first destination would be the Moseley Music Festival in Birmingham, England. I would be ecstatic because, first, I’ve never been outside the USA, then because it was England and I’m very pro-BBC, and third because it involves music. Probably not my preferred type of music, but I love music regardless. It heals what ails ya!

Next, which would actually be a first in the series for me (I don’t have the money to travel abroad right now), is to visit Moseley, Virginia. When the Moseleys settled in the US, they had a large plantation, with many slaves unfortunately. Not celebrating slavery, but that poor farmers kept making their way in the world and surviving. Moseleys are very resourceful and hardy!

My boyfriend and I will probably be venturing to Virginia in 2024, as his Navy ship will be decommissioned. So, we will probably have to check out Moseley, Virginia. I WILL be purchasing a t-shirt and posing next to a sign. I will probably visit where the plantation was also, but only for historical purposes.

Next, I would like to visit the abandoned mansion that belonged to William Dunn Moseley, the first governor to Florida. It’s located in Palatka, Florida. It’s beautiful and mysterious and I’d have to explore the grounds with my dowsing rods, camera, and digital audio recorder. Just because it’s creepy AND cool!

Abandoned Mansion of William Dunn Moseley, built circa 1845

Also, I’d have to go to check out the Moseley house in Eatonville, Florida (I mean, while I’m over here). I just learned about it and and need to find out more about it, to be fair. But, nonetheless, I’d have my picture taken next to the historical marker:

So, I hope that gives some insight into where I’d like to be visiting. There are several schools that bear my surname, so maybe I can donate to their educational programs and be gifted a shirt? I don’t know. I reclaimed my maiden name a few years ago, so I definitely want to find ways to celebrate it! It’s pretty awesome!