Supreme Mistake

So let’s talk about this Roe V. Wade overturned decision. This concerns me greatly. I personally cannot condone killing an innocent unborn baby. However, as a public servant, I know that if we don’t keep it legal and safe and sanitary, that SO many more people are going to die. Pro-lifers, which I am personallyContinue reading “Supreme Mistake”

Respect Your Elders!

I was remiss, to talk about a little mentioned part of domestic abuse, on June 15th. June 15th was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, with June being Elder Abuse Awareness month. Like many of the facets of domestic abuse, elder abuse is not talked about enough. Most people feel like domestic abuse is DEFINITELY onlyContinue reading “Respect Your Elders!”

Narcissistic Aftermath

I came across this YouTuber totally by accident, but [in the words of Bob Ross] what a “happy little accident!” I’ve included the video I watched, above, but she has SO many more interesting stories that I’d like to watch. Unjustified Crimes YouTube channel is run by a host named Kim, who gives synopsis ofContinue reading “Narcissistic Aftermath”

Always Keep Perspective

A friend recently posted something that gave me pause (see above). I know he was trying to be funny, and I can appreciate that. However, I am currently there and I go in and out financially. I wasn’t personally offended, but was more concerned about what others might get out of this post. Let’s sayContinue reading “Always Keep Perspective”

BONUS Post: It’s Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day!

I’d probably automatically say “Happy Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day,” but that wouldn’t be right…actually, it would be down right insulting…there is NOTHING happy about narcissistic abuse and going through it…unless the happy part is that you survived it…except that you’re still angry that you had to go through it in the first place…*sigh* I amContinue reading “BONUS Post: It’s Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day!”

Spectrum of Success, Part 2

I didn’t want my post about my son from the other day to sound like getting things turned around (after being in 23+ years of abuse and being out of abuse for over four and a half years), was easy. It definitely wasn’t and I’m STILL working on it. My youngest is four years awayContinue reading “Spectrum of Success, Part 2”

Spectrum of Success

I need to brag for a moment on this young man…he survived abuse right along with me and is now doing awesome! He’s almost done with junior high school, which has been rocky, let me tell you…now, he’s just joined Planet Fitness’ summer program, signed up to start community college which will go right alongContinue reading “Spectrum of Success”

Guilt Gifting

***TRIGGER WARNING!*** References to past abuse present in this posting! <3 What is “guilt gifting,” you might be asking yourself? Guilt gifting is when someone gives you a gift, specifically because of the direct result of how they feel about what they did to you or how they treated you. Narcissists do this ALL theContinue reading “Guilt Gifting”

I’m So Broke, My Mental Breakdown is on Layaway…

I’m completely sick of living paycheck to paycheck. I have been on financial survival mode since I’ve been an adult. Prior to meeting and marrying my abuser, I had money and saved money. Now, I have squatters that live with me, I mean tenants, I mean children…whatever, you get my meaning! I must love them,Continue reading “I’m So Broke, My Mental Breakdown is on Layaway…”