‘Silent, Billowing Flag’ Post

I am ever grateful to veterans, which makes Memorial Day all-the-more-sweet. I am privileged to have had ancestors serve this country. I know their names. I never met them, but I love and honor them — they helped to forge this country into the institution of Freedom it is today. This day is to rememberContinue reading “‘Silent, Billowing Flag’ Post”

The Illusion of Control

I look at social media first thing in the morning, before I get into the shower to start my day. President Biden issued multiple Tweets on banning guns versus gun control. I don’t usually get political, as I respect the office of the President of the United States. I’d like to expound on this, forContinue reading “The Illusion of Control”

Be Afraid…Even as an Adult

***VIOLENCE TRIGGER WARNING*** I was going to write a blog post yesterday after work, but while working, my phone started going off with notifications about the shooting at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. I couldn’t think, my hands wouldn’t work, I wanted to cry. I apologize, but I was in no condition to post…IContinue reading “Be Afraid…Even as an Adult”

Getting Right in the Head

***NOTE: this post was supposed to “autopublish” and was scheduled for May 2nd. I apologize for its lateness and for technical difficulties!*** I wanted to apologize to my readers for not writing for literally two months…I needed time to think and reflect and get my head straight. I’ve had A LOT going on personally andContinue reading “Getting Right in the Head”

THE Hollywood Trial By Fire

As one of the millions following the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial, I guess I will throw my hat into the ring because I’ve had time to digest all of this. Please know, this is merely my opinion as a DV survivor and DV advocate. Please bear with me…this doesn’t mean you have toContinue reading “THE Hollywood Trial By Fire”

#Bloganuary Bliss: #23

If I could interview anyone, I believe I would interview the fictional character, Wendy Torrance, from Stephen King’s The Shining. When you interview someone who has been through the amount of trauma and abuse that Wendy has, you have to let them speak about what they are comfortable with sharing; however, I think I wouldContinue reading “#Bloganuary Bliss: #23”

#Bloganuary Bliss: #21

NOTE: I literally just found out about WordPress’ #bloganuary activities to help bloggers write more, so I’m starting at the prompt I found out and will blog every day in January that is left… Time travel has ALWAYS intrigued me and there are so many eras in history, fashion, and art that I’d like toContinue reading “#Bloganuary Bliss: #21”