I am just now able to write about this, as my dog Nacho Del Taco passed away on Wednesday evening, May 24th. He was hit and killed by a car. He was a six year old chiweenie, which is a chihuahua-dachshund mix.

I received him and his sister in April 2017, from an abuse situation. The people saw cute pups and wanted them, but obtained them too early. They were four weeks old when I got them and had to eat puppy chow softened in puppy formula. The pups were getting weak and needed medical attention, so they surrendered them to us. My daughter wanted Nacho for me, as I had recently had to put my beloved pug, Angel, to sleep. He was my pup from the beginning.

He doesn’t know how much he saved me. I knew my husband was away and cheating and he was my constant companion. When the final abusive episode came, he sat in my lap, licking my face, while I cried and waited for the police to come.

The final day of life, I was trying to get my teenage son up for school. It was a hellish day, so he was in bed with the child and whining for my attention.

“Not now, dude” I said to him sternly. He was doing his utmost to get to me, because I was a rockstar to him. He loves me and I will forever feel guilt for not holding him one more time.

I got the teen up and promptly left for work. It would be the last time I’d see poor, sweet Nacho alive. I did end up having to leave work early, as I had to take my daughter to the ER for her gasteoparesis episode.

My teen has to keep tabs on Nacho, as he liked escaping to snoop in the neighbors’ yards, a temporary fugitive. I got a call from my teenage son, as I was sitting in the ER.

“Mom, I cannot find Nacho.”

I instructed him to get dog treats and go outside and call for him. Twenty minutes go by and I receive another call. My daughter was not finished receiving fluids, so I left to help search. Since the hospital is literally three minutes down the road, I was quickly turning into my street.

It was then, in the dark, when I saw a lump on the road. Oh, NO! No, no, no, no, no, NOOOO!

It was exactly as I feared. He had gotten on to the main road…something he NEVER did…and was hit and killed by a car.

I had garbage bags in my car, so I yelled to my teenage son to come and help me. He and I were both bawling and wailing. While I was trying to pick up my dog’s poor crushed and dismembered body, a car came out of no where and almost hit me! They were on their smart phone as I could see the light source on their face. They came within inches and I almost met the same fate as my beloved dog! My teen was livid and screaming. It was nightmarish. I honestly don’t know what was worse: seeing the condition of my beloved pet or nearly dying. I will do my readers a favor and not describe what I saw…it was beyond horrific…

We got my puppy back to the house and buried him in the dark, laying him to rest on the opposite side of the house as my elderly neighbor who likes to call the city and/or police for any small infraction. Ironically she hated my dog and didn’t call the police when I was nearly murdered in 2017 — but does for literally EVERYTHING else. I respectfully buried my sweet pooch, with my boys’ help, without aggravating the next door neighbor hag. I didn’t think I could deal with one more thing going wrong.

I arrived back at the ER in time to pickup my daughter, to bring her home to rest. I told her what went on, but she was so dopey from the medicines, it didn’t register for her until the next morning. I

had to console my teen because he felt responsible for Nacho’s escape. Nacho had bolted for years…so much so, that I nick named him “Houndini.” However, he only ever ran around the neighbors properties, sniffing and peeing, but would always come when called. It took me a good amount of time to console him. He is on the Autism Spectrum, so he was beside himself. My poor sweet boy! I assured him that he was not to blame, as it was a freak accident.

I was completely exhausted and heartsick. I did not sleep much that night. It’s hard to quiet your mind and heart when you just buried your best friend. I am crushed