Lord God, please continue to give these souls rest and may we call upon their wisdom, bravery, and guidance to help direct this country back so we may be “on course” for the journey ahead. May we stay the rugged course and protect and defend with Your Grace and Blessings.

May we never forget their sacrifice for us. May we again become the greatest country in the world, in order to honor what they fought and died for. Their blood paid for much, for the many. Please forgive the ignorance of those who cause all regard this day as just another “day off” and who do not show service folk the time of day — for they do not realize whose presence they walk in.

Bless all active service and retired veterans alike, for we must love and respect them while they are here: their bodies broken, their muscles raw, and their spirits aflame. May our brave, passed protectors never leave our thoughts or the spaces in our hearts.

In Thy Holy Name, Amen!