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Happy first day of Pride Month, since June is the month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community! Know what else June 1st is? It’s World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day. Are the two related? For me, they are, to a degree…

My children and I survived and barely escaped from an overt narcissist. My oldest child is a Transgender woman, but never came out until a few years after I banished my abusive Ex. It took her that long to feel safe. Did I understand her choices? Not always. Do I support her? Yes, wholeheartedly! I wanted what was best for her, whatever her decisions. She deserves to be happy and healthy. I almost lost her to suicide!

Her father mis-genders her and dead-names her, so she’s stopped talking to him completely. I applaud her for cutting off a toxic supply. Unfortunately, I still have to converse with the narcissist, due to our minor child. I’ve been “shamed” for being supportive of our transgender daughter, to the point that I’ve informed him that our oldest is “off limits.” I set the playing field to only conversations that deal with the minor child’s well-being, and only through text. Phone calls are “life and death” events. To be honest, I cannot stand the sound of his voice. It tiggers me to the point of panic. So does the thought of being without my oldest. I accept her in whatever way she presents herself to the world. To me, that’s love!

In honor of World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day, WNAAD shared a link on their Facebook page about a short-film about narcissistic abuse. I cannot wait to watch it this weekend! I’m certain I will see something eerily familiar. Go to to find out all the ways and places you can watch the movie free of charge.