Spectrum of Success, Part 2

I didn’t want my post about my son from the other day to sound like getting things turned around (after being in 23+ years of abuse and being out of abuse for over four and a half years), was easy. It definitely wasn’t and I’m STILL working on it. My youngest is four years awayContinue reading “Spectrum of Success, Part 2”

Guilt Gifting

***TRIGGER WARNING!*** References to past abuse present in this posting! <3 What is “guilt gifting,” you might be asking yourself? Guilt gifting is when someone gives you a gift, specifically because of the direct result of how they feel about what they did to you or how they treated you. Narcissists do this ALL theContinue reading “Guilt Gifting”

I am a Beautiful Disaster

I used to describe myself as more of a “hot mess”…at least, until recently… I discovered the Beautiful Disaster website a few years ago and was instantly impressed with the founders and their stories of survival. I also thought the merchandise was unusual and intriguing. The first sale I saw with a “mystery” selection forContinue reading “I am a Beautiful Disaster”

#14DaysofLitLove Day 3: National Almond Day

NOTE: It’s another daily writing challenge, that I am trying to use to hone my writing skills and get me into the practice of writing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I am going to go back and do Day 1 and Day 2. FB Informational Graphic that randomly shows up on my FB Feed: “A handful ofContinue reading “#14DaysofLitLove Day 3: National Almond Day”

#Bloganuary Bliss: #24

“So, this one time at band camp…” Seriously, I’ve never been to band camp, but I thought would be a funny way to introduce a serious topic. I don’t have pleasant dreams that I remember…if I remember anything at all, I remember the nightmares. If I remember nothing, it’s a good night. I might rememberContinue reading “#Bloganuary Bliss: #24”

#Bloganuary Bliss: #23

If I could interview anyone, I believe I would interview the fictional character, Wendy Torrance, from Stephen King’s The Shining. When you interview someone who has been through the amount of trauma and abuse that Wendy has, you have to let them speak about what they are comfortable with sharing; however, I think I wouldContinue reading “#Bloganuary Bliss: #23”

Plumb Wonderful

The downside to single-momming it, aside from the one income, is home repair. I have learned some pretty useful things by watching YouTube and by Googling things, when I was previously married and he was on the road as a truck driver, learning different ways to repair or work around issues. Got a clogged drain?Continue reading “Plumb Wonderful”