Video “Must See”: Asking For It

***TRIGGER WARNING!*** Situational domestic violence re-enactments. I stayed quiet. It helps NO ONE, not you and not the abuser. Silence is acceptance to an abuser. They will abuse again, in whatever they way they know. I stayed quiet as a teen about being raped. I was kept silent by fear. Later I kept quiet aboutContinue reading “Video “Must See”: Asking For It”

Video “Must See”: Stalking Laura

***TRIGGER WARNING!*** Stalking and coercive abuse in the movie, also violence. This film came out in 1993 as “I Can Make You Love Me.” It’s based on the true victimization story of Laura Black, from the mid-1980’s. I was able to watch it for free on IMBd TV, but I’ve also added the link above;Continue reading “Video “Must See”: Stalking Laura”