Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to a tattoo benefit, for our tattoo artist who is having health issues. We both got “flash” tattoos, but I customized mine a tad and I LOVE how it turned out! I utilize my body’s as a chronicle of what I’ve been through. My crying heart turned out great! I am truly a walking DV survivor billboard!

SIDE NOTE: I got my boyfriend a tattoo and a steak dinner — I hope that gained me “awesome girlfriend” points???

The tattoo artist who did my crying heart tattoo is quite the accomplished artist: Shayne Simmons, at Pale Moon Tattoo in New Albany, Indiana. In talking to him while he was doing our tattoos, we found out that he is also an accomplished artist, coloring book publisher, podcaster and entrepreneur! Since I am getting ready to publish my own coloring book, we talked about publishing strategies and he gave me one of his awesome coloring books! He drew ALL of the illustrations himself! Wowza! It’s for sale on Amazon and Etsy and it is phenomenal!

I feel like I am living my best life…none of this would be possible if I was still with my abuser…this was my thirteenth tattoo and he balked about my first one with our children’s names and birthdates! it only took me 42 years to think about that one! Meanwhile he for a sleeve tattoo as a memorial for his brother, that portrays that HE served, and never corrects anyone when they thank him for his “military service.” He didn’t serve. Like, EVER. Just time in jail, for what he did to my kids and I. I, on the other hand, earned mine in the harshest way possible — just know I utilize them as conversation pieces to start talking about the topic of “domestic abuse.” I am an “inked mama” and proud of it!