This site is a definite GAME CHANGER! I know when people get out of active abuse, they have to keep on surviving, but eventually get to the point of a “do over.” This “do over” can include moving, a new job, college, etc. This link can help with ALL of that, not to mention if a child needs a computer for school/college. A person can also apply for Internet connectivity assistance on this site as well.

PCs For People offer Windows based desktops and laptops, to those in need. To apply, a person can shop in limited stores OR online. A current photo ID is needed as well as proof of income (paystubs, W-2’s, etc.). It is a simple enough process and provides much needed computers to many individuals. Now, this isn’t to obtain a gaming computer. These computers provide word processing power, the ability to be connected to and search the Internet, use email for school work and job searches. Please keep in mind it’s for basic functions, not power computing. Just wanted to put that out there. People in transition need basic things, in order to get by, and can buy higher end computers when they are more financially able later.

Please check it out! I hope this can help adults and children who need this! <3