PROMPT: Do you enjoy your job?


I have a “love/hate” relationship with my job. I work for a federal soclal services job that cannot be named. However, I am a customer support representative and I do love the helping aspect. “Acts of service” has always been one of my love languages…probably because I’m an Empath. While the GOOD definitely outweighs the MEH parts of my job, I still list the MEH parts, so people can decide if something if for them. Here is what I wrestle with, in order to keep this great job and the POSITIVE parts that I LOVE:

  • The good definitely outweighs the bad/un-fun parts, because at the end of the day, I am helping people.
  • People’s need can be emotional draining — I come home and give myself good self-care, such as writing, or sitting quietly and reading while petting a cat, or watching a funny movie with my boyfriend.
  • I get to assist victims of violence on their journey to safety, by being cautious and discreet, while giving them my full attention and information useful to them.
  • I am the only CSR, so I am super worn out and don’t have enough time to fit everything in! Whew!
  • The Public’s attitude can be pretty poor, as well as their educational understanding. Luckily I can see when people are confused and change my language. It still is draining, however, especially when you get screamed at or threatened.
  • I get to teach a brief civics class about 1 to 2 times daily. I actually liked that class in high school, so I’m glad I paid attention!
  • I have a pretty good understanding of how laws work, as well as how healthcare agencies and tax agencies tie in, so I’m very thankful for my HR and finance backgrounds every day! #mbaallstar
  • Apparently good “customer service” requires a college bachelor’s agree, which is why there are no other CSR’s to help me right now…not sure I agree with that, but my employer has minimums they have to meet.
  • People come in and take out their personal frustrations on you. Anytime you work for an agency that deals with people’s money, there is going to be tension. Thank goodness for our security guard!

Again, all in all, I love my job! I will say that just having a job, period, is SERIOUSLY cutting into my writing/blogging time…oh, and did I mention that I need a part-time job that I honestly don’t have time for? Going to try somethings to supplement my income, to see if it helps! <3