PROMPT: What are three objects you couldn’t live without?


Figuring out the three things I cannot live without was tough. I’m going to assume that the necessities are handled and provided, such as air, water, food, sleep, and shelter — even though most of those have been denied to me, at some point in my life, due to once being in active abuse. So, here are my three “must have” things:


I can do all things through God, who strengthens me. He is always in everything that I do. If things get hard, I wonder what He is trying to teach me. When good things happen, I thank Him. I turn to Him for everything in my life. I feel as though God has empowered me to protect other domestic abuse victims and survivors.

My MacBook Pro

I love to write, but I think better through my finger tips, so I type better than I can manually write. I was denied writing for so long, I write and blog ALL THE TIME! I also do a lot of social media for my writing and advocacy, so I have to be able to keep up with that. I also have a few games that I play, to decompress. I’m totally Apple products, so I have daisy chained my iPad and iPhone, to be totally efficient. I can also read e-books on here, although I prefer the analog ones.

A Notebook

I cannot be without a notebook to organize and remember my ideas. I am a perpetual list maker, as well as jotting down story ideas before they COMPLETELY leave my brain. I do a lot of manual brainstorming in my notebook too, in order to organize and even refer back to later. This my backup when I don’t have a digital device to write upon