Twelve-step programs are EXCELLENT for helping someone to beat an addiction/toxic habit, but I always wondered if there was one that could help with co-dependent/toxic relationships, especially after coming out of abuse. THERE IS!

Co-Dependents Anonymous is such a group, based on the 12 Steps (as in the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps). I hope this does not offend anyone, but as victims/survivors of domestic abuse, we have to admit that we were co-dependent on our abusers. I know I was, even though it’s something I don’t like to admit as a former and now current “independent woman.” I was co-dependent on him for my happiness, for my security, for my love. It took surviving abuse to learn that I, ME, had that inside my all along. However, he made me believe that I didn’t and that HE alone could provide that…and made me think, as our toxic relationship progressed, that I wasn’t capable of that without him.

CODA can help guide a person through that brainwashing detox. They offer local and online meetings, so see what works best for you and your situation. I like the online meetings, as I don’t have a local one near me. They also have PDF files of all of the documentation you would need, so purchasing the books isn’t necessary, but definitely nice to have when you are not at a meeting.

Please give this organization a look. Help is available. Link above.