Settling Down the Trauma

I am wanting to get back into therapy. I’ve been through over 23 years of abuse, so I know the year of therapy I’ve been to isn’t going to heal me. It’s definitely helped, but I’m not done… I had to stop because my therapist was a man…he didn’t do anything inappropriate, so please don’tContinue reading “Settling Down the Trauma”

Moms on Forgiveness…

My Mom has been fighting ovarian cancer since 2017. She doesn’t have long and she is fully aware. She’s survived it once, it came back with a vengeance, and she nearly died last year. It’s infused in her bones and organs – this is a tough subject for me, but I am coming to termsContinue reading “Moms on Forgiveness…”

#Bloganuary Bliss: #23

If I could interview anyone, I believe I would interview the fictional character, Wendy Torrance, from Stephen King’s The Shining. When you interview someone who has been through the amount of trauma and abuse that Wendy has, you have to let them speak about what they are comfortable with sharing; however, I think I wouldContinue reading “#Bloganuary Bliss: #23”