2022 Weekly Wednesday: Scariest Real Life Ghost Story

PROMPT: Outline the scariest real life ghost story!

My scariest real life ghost story is complex. I am an empathic and a paranormal investigator. I had an opportunity to go receive an award on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, which was on my ghostly “bucket list.” So, here’s the story:

A co-worker and I were being presented awards for our efforts in technology and education. It was being held in Long Beech, CA, where the educational conference was being held. We were to stay on the historic Queen Mary. I was beyond excited. I was showed into my room. After exploring it for a bit, I opted to take a nape before dinner. I dreamt of children playing hide and seek in my room, children of the original crew. I woke up to the closet door being thrown open and no one in my room but me. I pulled out my dowsing rods, asking yes and no questions to see if a spirit was with me.

I instructed it to make the rods go parallel if the answer to the question was “yes,” and make the rods cross if the answer to the question was “no.”

“Are you a child?” Rods swivelled and aligned in a parallel formation.

“Are you a girl?” Rods parallel. “So you’re not a boy, right?” Rods crossed.

“Do you want to harm me?” Rods crossed.

“Did you show me you and your friends in my dream?” Rods parallel.

I had goosebumps the entire time, but I didn’t feel unsafe in my room. I showered and went to the conference dinner.

We won’t go into the fact that my paranormal group enjoyed using me as “ghost bait”…*sigh*

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