Repeat after me: We NEVER pay retail!

This is a GREAT resource, especially if you are feeding a family! You need a printer in order to print coupons and you can only print them twice, before the offer is no longer valid. Of course, if you have more than one computer in the home, technically nothing is stopping you! *Wink!*

You can still sign up and use, if you don’t have a computer. I’ve had to go to the library and print coupons before, and they only charged me 10 cents a page for the printing, so check with your library to make sure that you can print coupons! It doesn’t matter if the printer is a laser printer or a color inkjet printer, it just has to be legible. It’s still legible on “econo mode,” as long as the ink is flowing evenly!

Also, these are manufacturers’ coupons, which means they are good at ANY story that sells that brand: grocery, general merchandise, dollar-type store — as long as they accept coupons! Be cautious, as store coupons are tied to a specific store! It will say at the top of the coupon. See Anatomy of a Coupon below for the different parts of a coupon you should be aware of:

Please also keep in mind, you can use coupons along with food stamps/EBT, cash, gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, etc. They work like cash, unless the store does not accept them. It’s good to check the store’s “couponing policy,” just to make sure, as each store has them published online (I’m a couponer and I print them to reference!). You will be responsible for tax, if your state taxes food/goods. Coupons can be had for food, toiletries, clothing, pet supplies, medical supplies, prescriptions…the list is pretty much endless! Also, with, it’s very regionally driven, so other coupons can be found within other zip codes. I use Google to help me find coupons, but these can also be found on couponing sites and in couponing social media groups. Couponing is definitely an art!