It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since Diana, Princess of Wales, passed away! She was not your ordinary royal…no, she was SO much more than that!

Diana was a light in the darkness, even when the royal family no longer claimed her. She was one of the most philanthropic people EVER. I loved that she had causes that she used her crown to champion and was never afraid to touch people, shake their hands, and look them in the eyes.

I feel as though Diana was abused horribly by the royal family, due to her ability NOT to fade into the background. Their wedding was beautiful, but seems as though she were there for breeding — there was a complete lack of love and respect there, for certain. I was SO happy for her when she received her divorce from Prince Charles. He was cheating on her, which to me is a HUGE disrespect! Little did I know that she and I would have parallel marriages (despite me NOT being royal). I was only three years into mine, when hers officially ended, but mine was already starting to show signs of abuse.

I wonder, though, what kind of abuses Diana went through. I realize the Queen has to rule with a firm hand, but does she have to be so cold? Is Charles a “mama’s boy?” I expect he is. Did the Queen excuse his brash behavior? I expect she did. How much did the Queen “look the other way,” when Charles was chiding his wife for her clothes or how she acted? I expect she did and allowed him to “handle” the spirited princess.

What irks me most is the fact that Charles was allowed to cheat on Diana, then later marry his mistress. This is a luxury that was not afforded his late great uncle. Royals change the rules when they feel like it. I am glad Prince Harry got away from all of that nonsense too, to be honest.

I don’t know if “royalty abuse” is a thing, but the royals are a toxic lot, to be sure. Diana is missed and shouldn’t have gone out the way that she did. I am so thankful that her sons are still very apart of the charities she was passionate about!