PROMPT: A plot line you REFUSE to read/watch and why?

Well, a plot line that I refuse to read/watch is that where rape occurs — that is a very called-out one, where it’s an entire detailed scene. I suppose it’s different when I am reading a domestic abuse survivor’s account, but some authors and/or scene writers are SO detailed that it’s very real. I don’t need real, in this instance.

You see, I was raped when I was sixteen years old, which is not something that I talk about. I was also raped within my marriage, as a recreation of the violation I received when I was sixteen. You’re probably thinking, “she’s being dramatic.” I assure you, I am not. My Ex used it as a form of control and of being “in charge.” If that was his form of aversion therapy, he is not qualified to do that — it’s harm, not to mention power and control. Plain and simple. Like Forrest Gump said, “And that’s all I have to say about THA-T.” Just one of the MANY reasons we are no longer married.

Several years ago, my mother gave my siblings and me books by a distant cousin of ours, the author Karen Robards. The first chapter of the book I received outlined, in great detail, a child finding someone in their closet and being raped by said person. That chapter literally kept me from reading the rest of the book. I have since read other books by Ms. Robards, which are very good. I could NOT complete the one I’d received. She is an excellent writer, so nothing against her. I’m sure that scene was pivotal to the plot of the book, I just couldn’t even proceed further. My brain locks up and won’t allow me. I guess my brain knows if it’s a first-hand account, that is “safe.” It’s so safe, I cannot remember the title, as I donated that book to my library’s book sale. I didn’t even want it in the house!

What plots irritate you or that you cannot stand? Please comment below! <3