NOTE: I’ve posted all of the submitted “Saturday Survivor Stories” I had received thus far! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me your stories! The abuse survival stories can be child abuse, intimate partner abuse, elder abuse, spiritual abuse, gender-based abuse — it ALL falls in the realm of domestic abuse…I would love for not just women to submit, but men and gender-neutral persons. The sky is the limit. I will protect your identity. Just please: send me your stories of survival and hope!!! You have NO idea how much you are helping others and yourself!

REPOST: This is a call for readers to submit their written survivor stories. I want to publish them on Saturdays. There’s really not a limit to wording. You could do an overview of your abuse or just one aspect that sticks in your mind. This exercise is not limited only to intimidate partner abuse. Any domestic abuse survivor stories are allowed (unless there is any pending court cases)!

This is an opportunity for those of us to learn from and admire each survivor’s unique journey — not to mention give hope to others who might actively be in abuse! I am all about us building each other up! You can be as detailed or general, as you feel comfortable! You can also submit a picture for consideration, but only if you would like.

Please email your story to: I do have the right to correct the spelling and/or punctuation, but I’m going to leave the story in your voice! I also want to know if you’d like to be anonymous in name and/or area, otherwise name and state/country should be included. I’m all about safety and privacy! Also, if your story gets deep, please include a “trigger warning” in the beginning. I also do reserve the right to place a trigger warning, if I feel it’s needed.

Please help me keep this awesome series going!!! I can’t wait to meet you all!