NOTE: This post was supposed to have posted yesterday, Wednesday, August 10th, but it posted today. My apologies! Yesterday was crazy for me and my family and didn’t notice until today! UGH!

Fan fiction is something that is written by fans of a certain media, primarily books, but could also involve TV shows or movies. For me, when I was younger, I became infatuated with the Star Wars franchise, first having experienced it in 1977 when I was four! That first movie was magical for me.

What I liked and found inspiring is that Jedi could be women too, which blew my little 1970’s mind! I started reading the fan fiction and the backstories to these characters and scenarios.

Enter Episode I…Lucasfilms continuing and expanding on the license and story ended up killing all the fan fiction books I’d read with fabulous paths they carved. I guess we could chalk them up to being a “multiverse” as Marcel would have us believe? For instance, in fan fiction, Han Solo and Princess Leia have a set of twins also, to continue the balance of the force, and Leia also becomes a Jedi with powers. I was totally enthralled as a youngster, but now disappointed as an adult because it’s all been undone.

Overall, I’m a “fan” of fan fiction, because if you feel something has been left out or was developed well, YOU can fix it. There is also an app called Wattpad where you can read and publish fan fiction— it’s a whole community, in fact! Check it out!