Victims of domestic violence, who are working with a qualified DV advocate, can qualify for a micro-loan of $100 through the National Network to End Domestic Violence’s (NNEDV) Independence Project.

Go here to apply: NNEDV’s Independence Project Application.

This project was created to help re-establish credit for a DV victim, as well as help provide funds to help re-establish or pay for something that they might need. The loan is for $100, which is to be paid back over 10 months, interest free. This would’ve been especially helpful to me at the time, nearly five years ago, to pay for my youngest child’s school clothing and/or shoes. It can be used as a deposit for turning on water at a new place, Christmas or birthday gifts, a new mattress — the possibilities are truly endless!!!

Ask not, want not — I always say! Be sure to share this with someone who might need this TODAY!