I blogged about a month ago about seeing one of my 80’s idols in concert, Pat Benatar. She was incredible, but fans were left reeling about why didn’t she sing ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot?’ Me included! I was disappointed because it was one of my favorite songs AND one of her biggest hits. I read an article last not outlining why and it makes SO much sense!

Pat Benatar responded to this with a simple, yet deep answer — because of all the gun violence in the world today, she just will NOT sing the song. Instead, she urges them to go home and listen to it on their records and CDs and reminisce. That sounds impersonal, but I TOTALLY understand why she said what she said. This makes her even more of a hero to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a gun owner and have a “concealed carry.” I had it within 3 weeks of my final domestic incident. Being shot AT is no laughing matter. I support responsible gun ownership. I’ve had a gun for years, but never had the “concealed carry” card. Now my state is a ‘Constitutional Carry” state, but I have that card to protect me and my rights….besides, this country was started by gun carriers and owners. Do not worry, I’m not having a debate about gun rights. There are still things that need to be cleaned up and regulated about guns, but taking them away will not help.

Case in point: in my state, on July 17th, an armed gunman started to carry out a mass shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall. A few died and a few were injured as the gunman fired into the crowd. However, within 15 seconds, a brave armed bystander named Elisjsha Dicken, only 22 fired a few shots into the gunman and killed him. What bravery! How many more lives did Elisjsha save because he was armed???

Violence only begets violence, but the brave young man saved lives that day! Pat Benatar is right, though. Let’s not glamorize the violence!

Have a great Friday and the rest of the weekend! Love and Light!

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