“Laura’s Law” Rebooted

Hello Precious friends and supporters!

A year ago, I started a petition to revive “Laura’s Law,” an HB that was abandoned, which provides additional holding of alleged domestic abusers and helps victims be safer. The lady referenced in the law (not me), Laura Russell, and I led parallel lives. She died at the hands of her abuser. I, on the other hand, was saved by God for a purpose (still unsure as to how or why)– to pass this into law so no one else had to die unnecessarily!

I am working with State Representatives Zach Payne and Karen Engleman, to get this ready for Session 2023! The bill is currently in a special “Summer Study” session to make it legally sound, with little chance of loopholes on the abusers’ parts. I am also going to meet with Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s legal counsel to involve them in this process. This HAS to pass! Too many people are dying: not just in Indiana, but nationwide and worldwide!

Please sign and share my petition! We need to show the legislatures that this issue has not gone away and that there is still interest. We must follow through on this! Failure is not an option, or the abusers win!

PETITION: https://chng.it/rKXgQxyX

Here is the representatives contact information also:

  • Representative Zach Payne, Republican, District 66
  • Representative Karen Engleman, Republican, District 70

Address: Indiana House of Representatives, 200 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: (800) 382-9841

E-Mail: https://www.indianahouserepublicans.com/forms/contact-your-representative

  • Choose the appropriate representative from the drop-down list

Please, please, PLEASE…help me make a difference! Thank you! Love and light!

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