Yesterday was the WORST, and I mean one of the truly worst days. Why? Because I visited an old acquaintance: anxiety.

My oldest child is transgender and in a deep funk. She lives with me. Long story short, I’m a terrible mother and she wants to move out. I told her to go, but not sure she heard me. Before I could recap, she hung up on me. Essentially I am not enabling her behavior, she’s decided to act in a narcissistic manner. Even though I felt like I did the right thing, I still cried and was panicky all day. This occurred while I was on break at work.

Once back to my window, a gentleman came in and didn’t have what he needed to complete his task. When I kindly explain to him what was needed, he cursed at me and acted out angrily, calling me derogatory names. I admit, it did sting a bit…

I was outlining my day, via text, at lunch to my significant other. He must’ve been put in a mood because my oldest one often acts out toward me, so he texted a derogatory remark about my child, which also hurt my feelings.

To add insult to injury, I no longer can call up my Mom and discuss what happened. She always had a knack for making it seem as though it would turn out alright in the end. Again, cried at 2nd break. I did get to talk to a precious friend after work and that did soothe me, thank goodness!

While yesterday was horrible (AND I didn’t get a Blog post out!), I woke up today, ready to fight again! Just currently trying to set into motion things to start detoxifying my environment…and stabilizing my anxious nature. I do NOT want to be a frequent caller to Anxiety anymore!

Love and light!