Thanks to Facebook for their advertising of Discovery+ Channel [subscription], I found a new show that I’d like to recommend: Fight or Flight. I’ve embedded the YouTube [official] trailer above. Please know that it references things that MAY be TRIGGERING for some!

This six episode docu-series follows former Bollywood actress, turned social activist and domestic violence advocate, Somi Ali, as she helps protect victims and assist them with their specific needs, legal woes, and backgrounds.

I was very impressed that there is such a show on TV! After the airing of Netflix limited series, Maid, I figured that even though it was eye-opening for some and triggering to others, that it would generate more of an interest in the pandemic of domestic abuse. After Maid aired, people forgot about it until the Amber and Johnny saga. Now that THE DV trial has concluded, this is another refreshing, educational show that can keep the DV awareness continuum going!

No More Tears is the Florida-based organization that Somi founded, with the show going into the varied background of her clients/victims. She is seen assisting them with resources, counseling them, crying with them and for them, and the non-glamorous side of court and legal battles — not to mention how unsafe dealing with domestic abusers truly is! Somi does her best to integrate the victims into their own support community, which is wonderful!

Discovery Channel shows are always professional and seamless, so I certainly hope that they did not CAUSE things to happen, in the name of drama and entertainment. Victims of DV are in the most danger after they have left the abuser, so showing these women on TV leaves me feeling agitated. I did appreciate the fact that the victims/clients names were changed, but only a few people (many being their children) had their faces truly blurred out for their personal safety and privacy.

This show did an excellent job of showing the different types of DV, I must say, as well as different cultures and their treatment of women, versus these cultures’ tolerance of abuse as a norm. While it is not acceptable in the US, many Americans gloss over the fact that abuse is occurring all the time, because it makes people uncomfortable and people do not want to acknowledge bad behavior.

I certainly hope that this show continues with more seasons! I admit that I found out about it just in time, as it is still pretty new. Discovery+ offers a free, one week trial of their subscription before charging you for the monthly fee. I binge watched all six episodes within three days, so I will be unsubscribing before they debit this broke Mama’s account!. I do love how well orchestrated Discovery Channel’s shows are, but they have been under constant scrutiny [in the past] for not being live-action, real-life TV, instead scripting things that were not things that truly happened during filming. Take it with a grain of salt! The show does educate well and will continue to be a testimony of what a huge and uncontrolled problem DV truly is!

Enjoy! <3