SO much sadness for me in the past couple of weeks, this week especially. I am sad to report that my Father’s sister, my Aunt Donita, passed away from a severe stroke. This will be the third death that I have to inform my children of…sheesh…

She was one of my safe people. She was qwirky and outspoken. She thought everything that I did was great. She and my Dad encouraged my love of photography and genealogy. She praised me for “losing the loser,” when I got away from my Abuser, stating that I was WAY too good for him, LOL. She expressed her true sentiment in her comments, no holds barred. She and my Mom were pregnant with my cousin and I at the same time (we are only born a month apart), and she held the utmost respect and admiration for my Mom and her younger brother, my Dad. I loved her and she will be greatly missed!

The only comfort I can find at this time is that she attained her ultimate goal, getting to Heaven and that her Mom, my Grandma, and my Mom would be there to meet her. She, just literally a few days ago, verbally said to me that my Mom would be running up and down Heaven’s Streets of Gold, greeting loved ones who had passed before her, such as their mothers. I believe that my Aunt is there now, doing the very same thing.

I think I’ve realized why God takes the “good ones” too early…they’re fine examples of His Work and their Faith. The “bad ones” end up living long lives, because He will take them when He has to, because He loves everyone. I think I might be on to something. These two women’s works were done on Earth. Meanwhile, the loved ones they left behind are reeling and wading in an ocean of sadness. Please pray for my Dad. He just lost two women he loved in the same week!