I had to tell my Abuser of my Mom’s passing. I didn’t want to, but when he booked the airline flight for our youngest, I urged him to get the insurance because we knew her passing was coming.

I texted him, simply, that she’d passed and that I’d keep him posted on the details of when her funeral service would be. He took a while to text me back, which I really wasn’t expecting a reply, but it started like this:

“I’m SO sorry. I really loved your Mom and Dad.” WTF? No, you didn’t! I tried to keep myself in a good place mentally. Then, as I continued reading, he did what didn’t surprise me: made it about himself.

He texted about a hypnotherapist that talks about what happens when a person dies. I honestly haven’t looked it up, because he thinks Edgar Cayce is BFF’s with Jesus. He stated that when he died twice, during his motorcycle accident [from driving drunk] that made him disabled, what that hypnotherapist described was spot-on! He urged me to look her up on YouTube. Um, yeah, that’s a ‘naw’ from me dawg…

I’m sure he’s trying to be nice, in his weird way, but it really just came off as annoying. I will forever be wary of him being kind about something. I’m also keeping myself in a ‘Comfortably Numb’ mode, so I can deal with him, without becoming emotional. Now that I know the details of my Mom’s funeral services, I’ve got to give him the option of cutting his visit with our son shorter or postponing it until later in July. I think my Mom would be proud of how I’m dealing with this situation!

Of course, this is done ALL ENTIRELY by text…naturally, for my sanity and his protection. Love and light!

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