I used to describe myself as more of a “hot mess”…at least, until recently…

I discovered the Beautiful Disaster website a few years ago and was instantly impressed with the founders and their stories of survival. I also thought the merchandise was unusual and intriguing. The first sale I saw with a “mystery” selection for a hoodie and pants had me try it and I’ve loved the quality of their items ever since! I also took a chance and sent them my story, never even thinking I’d ever get a response.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! I was honored and blessed to be featured with two other DV surviors on their weekly email and their blog: https://www.bdrocks.com/blogs/tellingyourstory/lauras-story-can-finally-breathe-again. Plus, they want to send me the t-shirt of my choice? Whaaaaat??? Awesomeness!

Of course, naturally, I had to have a t-shirt with a skull. It says: “Hating Me Doesn’t Make You Prettier.” LOVE their brand! I feel like it’s so pertinent, they’re making the products JUST for me…please, check them out at BDRocks.com! You will be delighted that you did! 💜