I saw someone the other day, that I greatly admire and whom I thought was a friend. We were standing in the same line and I was ahead of her with two people between us.

I called out to her and she saw me, but then tried to pretend she didn’t see me. I was confused. She had looked away and then looked to see if I was still looking in her direction. By this time, I had a confused and disappointed look on my face. She then says, “Oh, hey” and stares straight ahead. I had to leave, or I would’ve stopped and asked her why she was treating me in such a manner.

My brain bubbled. What on Earth did I do to deserve that treatment? Did she hear and believe my Ex-abuser’s smear campaign?? Did I wrong her somehow??? I really wanted to ask her, but then again I didn’t. I’m not into confrontation. But now my anxiety was up. Great.

All I can do is still admire her, but leave her alone and mentally send love and light her way. Yet, I still swim in mild disappointment. And so it goes, when you survive DV. Today, I’m a causality. *Sigh.*