NOTE: I did this in January [2022] and it never got published properly. I share it now, as it is STILL pertinent.

I have a VERY eclectic collection of music. I love every genre, to a certain degree. If an artist or a song resinates with me, I add it to my iPod/iPhone. Then, I organize my songs into playlists. I have playlists for everything.

I have a playlist for ‘sad days,’ one for ‘angry days,’ one for ‘workouts,’ one for ‘sleep/relaxation,’ and one for ‘cleaning.’ Of course, if I have no preference, there’s always ‘shuffle.’

Examples of ‘sad days’ has a lot of Carpenters on it, as Karen Carpenters’ voice is rich and soothing. ‘Angry days’ has NWA, Ghetto Boys, House of Pain, Metallica, Staind — music like that. ‘Workouts’ has a lot of hip hop and up-beat music to move to, while ‘Cleaning’ is a mixture of the artists from the ‘Angry’ and the ‘Workouts.’

I also have a ‘Anxiety’ playlist, especially if it’s anxiety from past abuse or triggers. It features the likes of Ke$ha (Song: Praying, This is Me), Rachel Platten, (Song: This is My Fight Song), Ava Max (Song: Kings & Queens), Evanescence (Song: Bring Me to Life), and SO many more. Honestly, the predictability and familiarity of these songs in itself is soothing to my anxiety.

Music is salve to my soul.