I have to put this out here, because I am proud, but still in awe that this is happening…

First, I found out by accident that my beloved Blog, my virtual therapist has been ranked by Feedspot.com. Of the over 1500 international domestic violence blogs, this site rates the top 45…and this Blog made it to #23!!!!

I am also VERY proud and excited about “Laura’s Law,” the Indiana House Bill that I had re-started with my local State Representative, Zach Payne. I looked at the docket for “prefile” bills and “Laura’s Law,” or HB 1038 is on the docket for the upcoming Indiana regular legislative session, that opens Tuesday, January 4, 2022!!! I promise to keep everyone updated! I’ve posted screenshots below, but it is VERY easily findable on Legiscan.com. I’m SO stoked!

Sorry, but I had to share! Please pray for both of these endeavors! Love and light!

UPDATE: I am #21 currently for 2022! MUST. POST. MORE! Gotta make it climb and provide great reading material and insight!