Women are being abused all over the world, in a variety of ways, and their culture is deeming this “acceptable.” It will NEVER be acceptable to me and that will be my life’s fight and work. PERIODT.

What finally got me thinking that I was being abused was a documentary I watched on the Oprah Winfrey Show, when I was home due to illness (still cannot remember if it was my own illness or being at home with a sick kiddo). Still, I watched paralyzed as they outlined domestic abuse, what it could look like, and then launched into an expose on the topic I’m about to elaborate on. I could not help myself and could not stop watching until the end. It was my AH-HA moment: could I actually be in abuse MYSELF???

The horrific practice they outlined was happening to women in India, known as “bride burning.” India uses dowry or payment for their daughters, so that they can marry them off by virtually “selling” them to a man as his bride. Fathers of daughters start saving for their daughters’ dowries from the point that they are born. Sometimes it’s not money but property, such as land or livestock. I felt like I would be worth a cow and some chickens, but my Dad assured me I was worth a steer and some sheep…the benefits of being a Daddy’s Girl, LOL!

The marriage will take place and once married, the husband may try to ask the bride’s family for more money (I should say “threaten,” here). This family just gave their all: their savings for the dowry and paid for the entire wedding. When they cannot pay more, the husband will set his wife on fire, in hopes of ending her life, so he can obtain more dowry and marry again. Nightmarish, right?

This practice is “officially” outlawed in India. However, it still goes on, much like polygamy in Utah. Anyway, this doesn’t always kill the woman. India has had to respond with burn shelters and DV shelters because the caste system states unmarried women are useless and these ladies have to beg in the streets and usually die of exposure. The same with widows, if their families cannot help them. Disgusting!

This is just one of many barbaric practices that HAS to stop! And don’t get me started on female genital mutilation! We as women were perfected with care by God Himself! Violence against women HAS to be wiped out — domestic violence, period, must cease to be! No one has dominion over another! NO ONE! It’s 2022!

Stay vigilant, my friends!