I have been binge following this HORRIFIC situation unfold, involving a beautiful young girl and her fiancee. She disappeared mysteriously, falling off the social media grid, and her fiancee returning home without a word to anyone that the woman that he was supposed to love, was not with him.

I posted on FB about sharing, but my heart absolutely sank when they released the footage of the Moab Police sharing the officers’ body cam footage where the officers had to separate the young lovers because of a reported domestic altercation. Her sobbing broke my heart — I’ve so been there, darling. My abuser wanted to take a random trip to Mexico once and I declined several times, as my women’s intuition antennae started going off. I remembered Loony Toons’ warning in a cartoon once: “Two go out, but only one comes back!” It gives me shivers as I write that, even. I thought it as soon as I learned of her disappearance and doggone it if the media isn’t citing that!

I feel like this is triggering me greatly, but I will NOT stop following it. I think the injustice I feel for the family, is amping up my anxiety and PTSD due to what I felts and still sometimes feel. This is by far worse! I fear the worse, but I hope they find her alive. I pray constantly for her safety and well-being, as well as her family. Even though nothing has been proven yet, if the fiancee had something to do with it, I pray for redemption and justice, for him and his family as well. If something did happen “in the moment,” I pray guilt doesn’t cause someone to do something stupid!

Of course, there are also already fake scams for money for the search for Gabby. Please be cautious, but please do help! The only official site is run by Gabby’s family, here: https://www.facebook.com/wheresgabby/