I was watching an interesting movie the other night: A Vigilante (2018) , running time: 1 hour 31 minutes. There are moments of violence in it, but it does deal with the topic of domestic violence. It’s a movie I highly recommend, because Olivia Wilde does so well at embodying emotions/reactions of a true domestic violence survivor who has been very traumatized. It’s what she does next with those feelings that make this movie a MUST WATCH!

This is the type of movie where a small part of us wishes that there was someone available like Olivia Wilde’s character — again, the dark part of survivors. Ultimately, a survivor would NEVER go through this, but for a fleeting moment we’d like to inflict some of the pain that abusers inflicted on us, right back at them.

Wilde’s character, Sadie, survived horrible abuse but turned vigilante after her abuser disappears. Sadie helps other abused women to “convince” their abusers, by use of force, to let them go and not to bother them ever again. Sadie vows she’d never kill anyone, but she would use what means she could to coerce the abusers cooperation. While she saves several women, Sadie will ultimately need to re-save herself!

I found this movie on Netflix. This was a feel good movie that I much needed after dealing with my Ex’s passive-aggressive antics from that very week. While it was satisfying watching her dole out vigilante justice on the abusers in the movie, doing that in real life would get the victim/survivor into equal legal issues as their abusers (or worse), not to mention stooping to their narcissistic, cruel level. Still…

***TRIGGER WARNING!*** Sadie’s safety becomes compromised when her past comes back to haunt her, and there are some abusive scenes in the last 1/3 of the movie. Just wanted to warn! It’s very much like a train wreck…I could NOT look away.