September 17th it was 4 years since I got away from my abusive husband, who is now thankfully my EX…God gets the glory on that rescue, for sure!

I think I have a psychological block on that day, to where I don’t reflect on it until the day or two after. It was one year from this date that I thought about becoming an advocate and starting this blog and inspirational page. I’m thankful for that block…it’s a protection mechanism, I am sure it!

I’ve noticed that military veterans have, what I like to call, a “look” to them…this look is from seeing more in their lifetimes than they rightfully should have, but continuing on to defend our awesome country and just be incredible people, in general. They’ve witnessed hunger, genocide, death, and violence. I adore veterans and their sacrifices! #muchloveandrespect. My Honey is a veteran sailor and he’s one of the best! <3

I coined the name “walking wounded” to my advocacy because we as survivors have experienced combat on the home front. We’ve fought domestic terrorism behind our own closed-doors and donned our smiling faces and our helpful attitudes and carried on, simply because we couldn’t possibly relate what was going on or we’d lose it and possibly compromise our family’s safety — so we portray that everything is “fine, just fine.” I did add DV in front of it for “domestic violence,” out of respect for our military veterans. I don’t want to undermine their sacrifice in ANY way!

I know this is rambling, but I had to acknowledge how proud I am of my advocacy and how far I’ve come. I had to opportunity to write a love letter to my Honey on that day, that will be published in a book about brain disorders. I think that is completely apropo to the day that it occurred on, even though I didn’t realize it. I proclaimed how grateful I am for the love and care that he extends to me, that I didn’t even realize was possible. I think he recognizes the survivor and veteran in me, and I love and honor the one in him. Heroes come from all walks of life, despite what battles they may fight.

Love and light!