So, I have been reading about the wonders of weighted blankets. Originally, I wanted one for my teenage son who is on the Autism spectrum, but he outright told me, “Yeah, Mom, I’m not trying that.”

“Why not?” I countered.

“Because, well, that’s just dumb and the dog lays over the top of me at night anyways.” He shrugged and walked back into his room with his 19th meal. Teenage boys…oy…

Well, okay, he might have a point if the dog was bigger than the thirteen pound Chiweenie (Dachshund and Chilhuahua mix) that he was. I might fight that battle later…from what I was reading, the blanket sounded like something I might need to try also.

I have PTSD, I also have anxiety and fibromyalgia as well, and do not sleep the best, with my nerves and muscles in constant movement and inflammation. I purchased the blanket, due to it being a holiday or “Black Friday” sale. The blanket was 15 pounds, due to the fact that you should get a blanket approximately 10 percent of your weight, not to exceed 30 pounds. I was excited to try this, and the price was right, as these blankets are normally very expensive!

Upon trying it, I have to say it was pretty heavy, but very eye opening! I went to sleep quickly, and I urge you to make sure you are comfortably situated, before covering yourself. The preface of a weighted blanket is much like swaddling an infant — the compression is what helps my chronic pain to lessen. I had NO idea that the heft of the blanket would fight pain. WOW!

The blanket’s weight, I noticed, also helped to calm my night terrors. Maybe it’s so heavy, I don’t move. They didn’t go away, mind you, but they did lessen. I feel like I was getting more restful sleep and that blanket was becoming a comfort item of mine.

Long story short, the blanket does not make one walk on water, but it makes calming the mind and the pain BETTER. Not to mention its super soft and minky…and I think I saw a Chiweenie eyeballing it…