I am TRULY thankful for all of the speaking opportunities, as of late. I want to do my part to reach someone who is in active abuse (or even a new survivor), to speak what God puts in my heart, so that it may touch someone who needs to hear what I have to say. I am open to the possibility of any and all opportunities to speak — reach out to me if I can speak!

I was graciously interviewed by Loudmouthdean.com at the end of October. That interview can be accessed here. Thank you Dean Stidham, you’re the best!

I was asked by Safe Passage, the organization that helped me out of abuse, to be featured in an online video that they are finishing up with a few survivors. I’ve linked the organization’s name (above) to their site. The video isn’t available yet, but I will keep everyone posted. Thank you, Safe Passage! I owe you all so much gratitude — this was the least I could do!

In early November, I was also asked to speak on FB Live for The Butterfly Effect, a LIVE book tour. Go to the DV Walking Wounded FB’s page to see the replay. Thank you, Yolanda for inviting me!

Speaking has been so healing for me, but I had no idea to what extent. Pretty soon after the abuse in 2017, I was asked by my County Prosecutor’s Office to go to our local high school to speak. I was a SUPER nervous wreck — it was TOO NEW and I wasn’t sure if It was to be four days in a row: 9/10 grade boys, 9/10 girls, 11/12 grade boys, 11/12 grade girls. We only got through day 1: 9/10 boys. It was difficult, but I did it. It was an uncomfortable topic, but I’m not sure it got through to the boys in attendance. However, perhaps a parent or two was disgruntled, because the school cancelled the next three days and the rest of the student body did not get to hear our message, which is very unfortunate. Dating abuse and domestic abuse is so under-talked about with this age. No, it’s not pretty or desirable, but we cannot protect these kids from this topic — it serves NO ONE.

As I’ve said before, it does stress me out to speak, but it’s getting a tad bit easier each time. I’m more blessed than stressed, by being asked to speak. I thank God every day that I am safe and no longer in an abusive relationship! My blessings definitely outweigh the stressors!

Love and light!