Health Update:

Hello, all! Just a girl here, working, writing, and fighting for my health.

To recap, in February 2023, I got word that my nurse practitioner did testing on bloodwork that I provided and found elevated sugars and concerning A1C levels. I wasn’t due for my annual check-up and physical until July, so she advised me to utilize diet and exercise and lose weight until we could meet. I asked if Keto was a good option and she gave her blessing. Ironically, my blood was supposed to be analyzed for my liver enzymes, so that must’ve been okay. God does intervene when needed and this was very much needed. I was “borderline diabetic,” so he was ultimately giving me a chance to reverse it.

I started Keto and haven’t looked back. Got through the “keto flu,” learned what was good and what wasn’t, learned what I liked and what I didn’t, learned what I could substitute so I could still cook for my boyfriend and son and I. I also added walking and got a FitBit through my health insurance to up my steps. Things were going well! I’m especially enjoying more energy and virtually no brain fog!

Fast forward to last week, I had my physical and my NP was very satisfied with my weight loss — but did say that I still had some work to do (cue the annoyed face). She did blood work to see where my borderline [Type 2] Diabetes numbers were. She also said her only issue with the Keto diet was elevated cholesterol. Wait, WHAT!?!

I was also told to keep exercising, adding weight training, and to use compression socks, since my part-time job had me on my fee all the time. It would help with the tiredness. She also applauded me for adding B12 shots and re-newed most of my prescriptions, lowering the one for blood pressure and changing one for my fibromyalgia. Nice.

Yesterday I received a call stating that my sugars were STILL elevated. Down a tad from where they were, but not within “normal range.” A1C was better, but still borderline. Well, dammit.

When I asked what I needed to do next, the nurse said, “keep doing what you’re doing. We can do blood work again in 6 months to see where you’re at.” She then proceeded to tell me that I needed to monitor my blood sugar daily, but that they couldn’t prescribe a glucose monitor (so health insurance would pay for it). Also, my NP prescribed Wegovy, but insurance wouldn’t approve it because I wasn’t “full-blown diabetic.” She wasn’t able to change their mind.

“Yes,” I affirmed. “I’m trying to avoid that.”

“I know, hon,” the kind nurse said. “It’s not fair, but it’s not up to us. Insurance dictates that.” Of course it does.

So, I was advised to keep up the good work and to do things to lower my cholesterol. I did some research and Garlic Extract and Bergavit naturally lowers cholesterol. I will also continue to do my Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day to help with my weight loss and to balance my sugars. I am also taking my vitamins and supplements and few prescriptions. I’m currently trying to find an inexpensive solution to monitoring my glucose. Also amping up exercise and water intake. I’ve suddenly become very high maintenance, but I think I’m worth it. Keto might cost a little more than eating normally, but I’d rather pay it out on the front end, then the back end (trying to buy insulin, trying to reclaim my health, etc). It’s just going to be expensive, period.

So, sticking with the keto way of eating, maybe adding some fasting into the mix. I’m back to walking more, but will add kettle bells and doing more 5K’s (that I can afford). Trying to figure things out…

I mean, it’s all a girl can really do. DV tried to kill me, and now Diabetes wants to take a poke at it. Um, no. Just, no. #foffdiabetes