Do you need to certified in first aid and CPR for your job? Are you looking for proof that you did so? Or are you just looking to brush up on your skills yearly, because you have people around you that you care for? Employer needing you to have the skills but refusing to pay? Here, I have provided a few options for you, in order to help!

First, the low-cost option:


The National CPR Foundation offers a low-cost, certified online training with certificates and billfold cards, if your employer requires proof. They often run “sales” on the CPR, AED, first-aid, and blood borne pathogens courses.

Next, the FREE option:


The eCPR Certification site is very easy to follow and complete. This is simply to refresh your skills as no “certification” documentation is supplied. I do this for myself every year, as I have kids and a grand baby, not to mention I’m in social services. It always helps to revive these skills!