***⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️*** References to violence and injury.

I was recently shopping in my favorite store, Goodwill, the Mecca for single mothers. I found a box of cards that were a bit intriguing, in the game area. Once I started looking at the cards, I knew I had to have them AND they were only 99 cents!

I have been casually flipping through my purchase for the past few days, reading through them. While there are obscure cards like “how to recognize typhoid fever” and “how to prepare a tropical pig for dinner”…it’s the ones like the one listed below that specifically caught my attention:

Any victim of domestic abuse would have given their eye teeth to know things like this…I know, because I had my rib broken during my abusive marriage. I had to tape up my side and allow myself to heal. I took Naproxen for pain, did constant epsom salt baths to thwart bruising…all so I didn’t have to go to the ER, where they would make a police report. I still had to carry on, to take care of my kids, to work, and to basically function. I never did see a doctor for my injury. I can, however, now tell you when it’s going to rain.

That card would have been SO helpful in that situation. Maybe there needs to be a domestic violence “worst case scenario” survival cards????

From time to time, I am going to post WCSSC cards that I feel are pertinent. I promise to always post trigger warnings too.

Love and light! <3