Happy, happy birthday WordPress! I am SO glad that I found you! You’ve made my Blog soar to heights that I never knew possible!

This Blog has been my saving grace, my digital journal and the ease of use of your software has made it all so easy to maintain. If I want to change the look, I can do that on-the-fly! The publishing tools and add-ons make things really flow and work together! You make me look professional even though I am definitely NOT!

I also cannot sing enough praises to your support staff. They have helped me through SO many issues (most of which were self-inflicted). Their suggestions and guidance have been invaluable!

And Forbes magazine states that you’re the “best for customization” in 2023! I couldn’t agree more! “Ease of use” should be up there also!

I also love the classes that you all have and the tutorials! You all want to make sure your blog admins know their stuff! Kudos for that too!

No worries, I won’t ever change Blog hosts/providers. I’m here to stay! Going into year five with my Blog. Cheers!