Since it IS Mental Health Month, you might be thinking, “I wonder how my mental health is doing, especially______” or “I’m really concerned about my child’s ___________.” Well, this site offers assessments to see if your concerns are valid and if it is time to find professional help. offers the following categories for mental health evaluations: mood disorder tests, personality disorder tests, anxiety tests, addiction tests, eating disorder tests, psychological tests, and sexuality tests. This is simply a free consultive site in order to guide you, in case you were not sure if professional help might be necessary. It’s not a diagnosis! A professional therapist or doctor has to diagnose. This does NOT take the place of a professional office visit, it is merely an indicator. It is to be used as a self-help resource ONLY.

Also, if you are concerned about another person, who won’t take the test, please answer as if you were them, but ONLY what you have observed or experienced.