PROMPT: How do you use social media?


I use social media a few different ways: to entertain people, to keep up with my people (family and friends), and to blog/write/speak my message of help and hope.

I love to share funny & sarcastic memes. If you know me at all, that is just a part of my my personality. I think surviving DV has really given me a dark sense of humor, but I come from a long line of sarcastic people anyway. I share meme to make people laugh, even when I don’t want to. While humor hides pain, it is also an anecdote for it as well. Laughing lowers blood pressure and releases endorphins. I am an empath and I hate tension…part of my purpose is to make people feel better…plus I have a plethora of puns and “Dad jokes,” because, well, I have a corny Dad..I wouldn’t have it any other way…

Here is one of my favorite memes:

I also utilize social media to keep up with my “dear ones.” We alllige so far apart from one another, it’s rather vital. I can email or IM pictures faster than I could ever send it in the mail. I can FaceTime, which is SUCH a blessing. In fact, that’s how I got to see my relatives and attend my Mom’s funeral when I had COVID-19. I also “check-in” with friends and family, when I see status updates. I also stalk mine and my Honey’s kiddos, to make sure they’re safe and well. It’s almost like reading a newspaper, but I use it for good purposes only, respecting others’ privacy (despite them usually putting it all out on “Front Street.” I have also been known to privately message someone if I am concerned.

Lastly, I use social media to share my message of help and hope through DV advocacy efforts. My DV survival blog has an inspirational Facebook page, so I can share info, resources, memes, etc. Every time I make a blog post, WordPress pushes it to all of my social media links on several platforms. I reach as many people as I can…hopefully my words can help someone!

Facebook Page

DV Walking Wounded Blog

Please, please use social media responsibly and safely! Love and light, <3