PROMPT: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


This question is always one that seems to show up in job interviews. With that being said, I am answering personally.

In 10 years, I will be out of abuse nearly 16 years. I will still be working for the federal social services organization, as I plan on retiring from there and keeping health insurance, for about seven more years — retiring at full retirement age. I will also be a paid public speaker, I hope, and author of several books. I will still be blogging and podcasting, continuing to help victims and survivors of DV.

I will be a grandmother several times over, enjoying my time with my significant other and continuing to go to concerts and flea markets as we can. Travel and exploration will definitely be in the forecast as well. We will do these things, being “all in” in our own time, due to possible health limitations. My children will be all grown and gone, to their own homes. It will just be me and my Honey…and probably twelve cats…we will enjoy spending time with our grand babies and going to their functions and activities.

I will still be enjoying my freedom from abuse, taking nothing for granted…still happy and safe! *SIGH* Life is good!