Daily writing prompt
What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

Due to having survived abuse, I have chronic pain; specifically, I have fibromyalgia, from the sheer fact that I was so tense for such a long time, so I have to sit up and wake-up for about 30 to 60 minutes, in order to get moving (with little pain). It’s a sad truth. I am trying to get that to change, as I am starting to wake up at 5 AM again, so I can get moving at the gym. I have also started a stretching routine, that is slowly helping.

However, I wake up and try to drink 22 oz of water, especially before I shower. I look through social media, as I’m waking up. I respond to anything needed, either personally or for blogging. I am also pep-talking myself about going to work — I wish I was joking! I am telling myself that I have people depending on my working (family), that I have bills to pay, that I will help MANY people while at work, as well as co-workers who depend on what I do. Also, I may use either a heating pad or an ice pack, depending on how my body feels.

As I said earlier, I am trying to change up my routine, a bit, to be more productive as well as help my hurting body. It’s my intention, starting next week (as I and my family and I are recovering from the nasty Norovirus). I am getting up at 5 AM to head to the gym by 5:30 AM to get in 10 minutes of stretches and 45 minutes of cardio, the first week, then shower and get ready, then head to work. I am also trying to get to work earlier, so I can either get overtime or accrue “credit time,” since my time off is dwindling, not to mention get more done. Ugh, is all I can say, just ugh. Adulting is not fun. I also have my iPad, so hopefully I can blog while I’m on the treadmill…this ought to be interesting…I am really trying to do this the night before, so I can schedule posts…I am a work in progress!

I did look-up what makes for a productive morning, and this is what I found. According to Trello.com, this is the most productive morning routine:

  1. Wake-up at YOUR right time – I realize you have to do what your body dictates, but I’m not getting enough done in a day and I am blogging late in the day
  2. Prepare the night before – been doing this for years; don’t make the mistake thinking, “I’ll just get up earlier and do it in the morning. No you won’t. Especially getting gas. Don’t. Even. Try.
  3. Focus on what matters – as outlined above
  4. Move around and hydrate – definitely trying to do this MORE
  5. “Eat the frog” first thing in the morning – that means take on your most challenging/put-off task; I thought it was a weird phrase too, but it makes sense when you read the article!

So, that’s my evolving morning routine. Now just trying to get enough sleep to compensate for this! Have to be asleep by 11 PM. That’s another speed bump, I’m working on!