Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?


To figure out what makes a person “unique,” we must first look at the word,s meaning. From OxfordLanguages:

u·nique·ness. /ˌyo͞oˈnēknəs/ noun : the quality of being particularly remarkable, special, or unusual.

For a person to be unique, they are not a follower of social norms, for the opinion of the majority is not always right or just — only popular because of “group-think.”

A unique person is not afraid to be themselves, despite what company they keep. We are all unique individuals; however society has decided that we show only partial versions of ourselves to others, so no one knows the true reality except ourselves.

Being authentic with ourselves allows us to bring down the curtain and show our uniqueness without fear of judgement. Really only our innermost circle of loved ones knows a truer and fuller story of what makes us the special individuals we are. We fear judgement so we compartmentalize ourselves so we won’t be judged so harshly by others.

God made us unique and truthful beings, so only He can judge us! Everyone else’s opinion of you is not your business. Only what you think about yourself! Your opinions of yourself create your self-image. Love yourself because there is no one else like you!