PROMPT: What bores you?


I have come to terms with exercising. It’s important. It’s necessary. It makes you feel and look better. However, does the majority of exercise have to be boring??? I simply won’t do a workout unless it holds my interest! I will reluctantly do a workout that I know works, but a person also has to be neurologically stimulated too, until endorphins start kicking in. I walk outside, but only because the scenery changes and I listen to my favorite tunes. I definitely have to have my music if I’m walking on a treadmill, or I will be nearly comatose… Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…sometimes I listen to podcasts, just to change things up…

I am getting back into fitness, to help control chronic pain — despite the fact that chronic pain is making it hard to exercise. However, if exercise is fun, I will do it. I have tried Zumba (TM) — LOVED IT! I have tried Yoga — I have to do it in a group, but LOVE how relaxed and flexible it makes me feel. I also enjoy Buti Yoga, but it wears me out. Trying to do the true “beginners” workout to get things started. However, I am also trying to embrace this “muscle confusion” thing, but I really think it’s my Adult ADD that I’m trying to appease. So, I was on the lookout for something different and I think I MIGHT have found it! May I present…POUND classes!

No, this does not include beating anyone up or anything of a sexual nature. So, when you take a class, you get a pair of what look like thicker drumsticks. This workout is a combination of strength training, cardio, yoga, pilates, with a bit of drumming thrown in. The drumsticks, or “rip sticks” as they’re called, help to keep the beat and help “drum up” energy, as you listen to rock music while you work out with the certified Pound (R) Trainer. It’s definitely a full-body, fun experience.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be bored. And I’ll probably hurt the next day a bit, but if it’s fun it was TOTALLY worth it! Rock on!