If you’re like most of the world, you’re having to streamline expenses. If you’re a single Mom like I am, you’re REALLY having to streamline expenses, because your children think you’re an ATM. I make a good living, but I am financing EVERYONE, it seems.

And more specifically, if you’re newly out of a domestically abusive relationship, you may have zero cash and in need of a cell phone! I LOVE when people who are well off state that cell phones are a luxury to single Mom…WTF??? Let me tell you, I have to be available for my handicapped teen, be reachable for my job (when I’m teleworking), be reachable for my children and grandchild, have the availability to order medicine and call doctors…the list can be endless!

DID YOU KNOW that folks who are starting over from DV need to be accessible by phone for a job, for their children, for their attorney and/or their DV advocate, and for S-A-F-E-T-Y. They are NOT a luxury, they are mandatory!

StandUP Wireless is a mobile phone company that has cell phones and mobile plans to fit all budgets, even low-to-no-income ones! They can provide smartphone, services, and tablets, based on your area. I also LOVE the name! It fits with our mission to survive and ultimately end domestic abuse!

Call and see what you qualify for! Don’t wait! Safety first!