PROMPT: What is your favorite drink?


Being nearly 50 years old, I had to think a bit on this prompt. I have to say that my absolute favorite drink would have to be Boba Tea; more specifically, Taro Boba Tea?

I know what you’re thinking: Just what the heck is a Boba Tea???

Boba Tea is a Taiwanese treat that is a milk-based tea with tapioca pearls that act as the “bubbles.” The pearls are chewy, like gummies, and sweet. In the 1980’s, a Taiwanese teashop owner was looking for a kitschy drink to differentiate his establishment…aaaaaaaand the rest is history. It’s a sweet treat, so I don’t drink it a lot, only sometimes. They are a bit pricey, for what they are.

I discovered Boba Tea, thanks to my younger sister. She lives in Memphis, Tennesee, so we were out shopping and we stopped to get her favorite new treat: a Boba Tea. I’d never had one, so I was intrigued. That first Boba was like crack!

A few months later, I was walking in the downtown area of my small Indiana rural town, with my oldest child, and noticed a new shop. It was a specialty coffee shop, BUT THEY HAD BOBA TEA! After that, my oldest child and I went every two weeks, just to hang out and talk. Sadly, the specialty coffee shope only lasted a few years. Another speciality coffee and treat shop opened up later on.

If you have never tried Boba Tea, go out and get yourself one. You won’t regret it!