I saw an American bald eagle today. I live in rural Indiana, so I was going to pickup my oldest, as she was scheduled for an outpatient surgery today. Eagles are my favorite bird! I love animals AND am very patriotic. It was mindblowing and surprising, all at once!

This eagle was massive. It swooped down on a State Highway and snatched up a fat, little, wild bunny rabbit. Thankfully, as it went into attack mode, the talons went out and it flew low over the road to the field next to the road. All vehicles in both directions stopped to avoid accidents and catastrophes. Wait a minute, um….!

I thought all of this as I was driving… Isn’t it the Year of the Rabbit??? What did I just witness???

In Chinese culture, the rabbit symbolizes beauty and cleverness. In Japanese culture, it can symbolize moving forward. However, generally rabbits symbolize prosperity, as in if there are an abundance of wild rabbits, the local ecosystem is functioning well and all is good.

It was at that point that I had a premonition: that I was the Eagle (in all its beauty and majesty and focus) and I was swooping in on prosperity (symbolized by the unfortunate hare) and my goals. I was in awe of that massive bird and pleased with the fact that it brought me hope for what 2023 could bring me and my family. I am also thankful that I didn’t hit it with my Boyfriend’s truck — but that made it all the more fortunate!

I’m just going to overlook the fact that I saw the ‘circle of life’ in action and was a witness to furry murder. Poor little bunny dude!