PROMPT: My Goals for 2023

I recently posted my 2023 goals for my Blog, but not for myself, personally. I do not like “resolutions,” but I can deal with “goals.” I also set an intention word for the year. At first I thought it should be Motivation, but I now feel it is Contemplation. This means I need to slow down and take my time with things AND think about what is only vitally necessary, for my betterment. I need to be intentional with what I do!

My PERSONAL Goals include:

  • Getting my health in a better state, mentally and physically;
  • Getting more exposure for my Blog so it helps more and more people;
  • Passing “Laura’s Law;”
  • Get into a better routine that allows me to fit in what I need AND doesn’t wear me out;
  • Declutter and simplify my possessions and those who are living with me;
  • Get in a better financial state – I’m doing pretty well, but there is always room for improvement; plus, I need a P/T job to execute that!

Here’s to love and light in the new year!